Bee Pollen Overview – What Is It?

Bee Pollen Overview – What Is It?

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Learn what Bee Pollen is and the benefits it can give to you.

Bee pollen is an exceptionally nourishing superfood that is made by bees from flowers. It can be incorporated into your diet, mixed with regular foods such as yogurts, cereals, salads and smoothies.

Bee pollen is usually taken and packaged in granule form. But you may also find bee pollen in other natural dietary supplements in the form of powder or capsules, as well as in skin softening products used for diaper rash and eczema. Bee pollen is considered to have multiple health benefits and used to treat a number of health conditions. It is widely considered one of nature’s most complete nourishing superfoods because it contains nearly all of the nutrients required to function by humans, including amino acids, B-complex, and folic acid.

How Is It Made And Collected?

Bee pollen is the pollen collected by the honeybees from flowers, to take back to the hive in order to feed their young. Pollen is the male seed of flowers. It is required for the fertilization of the plant. A honeybee could collect hundreds to millions of pollen grains from a single flower. The bees pack the pollen into granules with the help of special combs and hairs on their hind legs, and a sticky substance secreted from their stomachs.


Bee Pollen are then collected from the bees by beekeepers, who will occasionally attach a small box fitted with a screen in the doorway of a hive. The screen allows the bees to enter, but it carefully and harmlessly removes the small granules of pollen from their legs. Beekeepers take only a small amount of the granules from a hive when harvesting, so as to ensure that the young bees have enough of their food supplies to feed on. The harvested granules are then packaged and called “bee pollen”.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Bee Pollen

Bee pollen consumption comes with many promises, such as enhancing energy levels, boosting your immune system and slowing the aging process. It is also claimed as a treatment for a variety of medical conditions including asthma, addictions, infertility problems and preventing colds and the flu. The medical claims of bee pollen has not yet been varified by the mainstream medical community, but many herbalist, some doctors, and users of the product are convinced that the it does in fact has numerous health benefits.

What Properties Does It Conatin?

Chemical analyses of bee pollen show that it is nutritionally diverse, and it contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. It contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. It is high in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and folic acid. Research shows that it contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body.
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What Are The Side Effects Of Bee Pollin?

Bee Pollen is a natural product that’s safe to use, once it’s used appropriately or as prescribed. However, there are a few claimed side effects of BP that certain persons may expeience depending on their circumstances. If you are allergic to pollen, you may need to be cautious with the use of Bee Pollen. Side effects include an allergic reaction that could manifest in form of shortness of breath, hives, swelling, and anaphylaxis.

Bee pollen should not be used by pregnant women and during breastfeeding. Also, all Bee Pollen products are not created equal. The Food and Drug Administration in the US has warned against the use of some bee pollen products because they are adulterated with unapproved drugs including sibutramine and phenolphthalein.

Why You Can Trust To Buy Bee Pollen From Us?

You are safe to buy Bee Pollen from our store. The pollen you get is free from pesticides, agrochemicals and that the bee colonies are not chemically treated. Bee pollen is one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods, with nearly all the nutrients required by humans. it is a wonderful vegetarian source of protein and contains all of the B vitamins, including vitamin B12 which can be hard to find in vegetarian sources. Try it to see how it works for you.


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